The Centre for Separated Families

Child Maintenance Options has been working closely with a variety of parent support organisations, including the Centre for Separated Families.

Who are the Centre for Separated Families?

The Centre for Separated Families is a national charity who works with those affected by family separation in order to bring about better outcomes for children.

We support parents to manage the end of their adult relationship in ways that reduce the negative impacts on their children.

Through our child focussed work, we:

  • aim to deliver better outcomes for children
  • recognise how important family ties are to children
  • understand and respond to the different experiences of mums and dads
  • work to help families to make choices that meet their individual experiences
  • offer parents the tools they need to manage transitions for themselves

How we can help

If you are not sure where to turn next, or you want to find out about how separation might affect you and your family, we have a few topics that might help:

Parenting apart

After your divorce or separation, you will need to adjust to parenting apart. Some topics that might be useful for this are:

We also offer more personal advice via our email advice service.

This page and any tools or services accessed through them have been provided by the Centre for Separated Families and do not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

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